Monday, March 28, 2011

Valley Golf & Country Club (South Course)

Valley Golf & Country Club South Course is a membership and championship course. It has held Philippine Open in 1975, 1981 and 1983. An annual member-guest tournament called Don Celso Tournament is usually held in April.
I played with Mr. Prapto, a member, together with Mr. Rabin to play at South Course on the first Saturday of March 2011. We started at 6:20 am and finish around 11 am. It was a little slow because of the drizzle, however the course has good drainage that I did not see any water spot on the fairway.

View of the clubhouse from tee box no 1.
Tee Box no 1.

Me, Mr. Prapto, and Mr. Rabin

Tee box no 1. Hitting your drive downhill. Aim a little left for the open view to the green.

Fairway no 1. Around 200 yards to the green.

Fairway 1, around 150 yards to the green.

Green 1, with two bunkers in front
Green 1, narrow and runs diagonally to far right.
Green 1

Hole 2. Very long, no wonder it is handicap 1.
Fairway 2, from here another 200 yards to the green.
Fairway 2, the white marker is 150 yards to the green.
Fairway 2, around 150 yards to the green
Green 2 with big bunker on the right and deep ravine on the back of the green
Green 2
Green 2
Cold water dispenser

Tee Box 3, narrow opening, require a precise drive
Fairway 3, steep uphill about 160 yards to the green, but add 3 more clubs as if you are hitting 200 yards.
Fairway 3, view from right side. My friend Rabin is hitting his approach from 120 yards.
Green 3, highly elevated
Green 3
Green 3
Chipping around green 3.
Green 3, slope up towards the back of green
Green 3
Green 3, view from the right side. Putting from back towards the front of green require you to aim only 1/4 of the actual distance to the cup

Tee Box 4, hitting downhill, however due to headwind, no need to shorten your choice of club
Tee Box 4, Mr. Prapto is hitting his tee shot
Green 4, view from tee box
Green 4, has three bunkers guarding the front and sides
Green 4
Green 4, pretty much flat
Green 4

Tee Box 5, a big pond at the right side of fairway
Tee Box 5, the big tree at the left of fairway is around 200 yards off the tee. Aim to its right.
Fairway 5, second shot 180 yards before a small canal
Fairway 5, third shot 125 yards to the green.
The canal before the green 5

Green 5, mostly flat.
Green 5, huge size

Hole six has a slight dogleg left, you just have to aim your tee shot at the center of fairway.
Fairway 6, here is the turn of the dogleg to the left. The fairway is wide to the right side.
Notice a small white marker of 150 yards on the left of my friend who is hitting his second shot.
View of the Green 6 from the 150 yards marker
View of Green 6 from 100 yards marker.
View of Green 6 from 100 yards.
Green 6, with deep ravine behind the green.
Green 6, quite friendly when the pin is at the front.

Tee Box 7
Hole 7 is a short par-5, and has slight dogleg right
Fairway 7, approaching the turn of the dogleg right

Fairway 7, from here 190 yards to the green.
Fairway 7, I am hitting my third shot from around 130 yards to the green.
Approach to Green 7 which is elevated.
Green 7, the pin is placed at the back.
Green 7, fairly flat.

Hole 8, hitting against the wind. Aim a little right to avoide deep bunker at the front left.
Green 8, view from 100 yards.

Green 8, view from 50 yards
Green 8, center pin location

Hole 9 has medium length, but with narrow and down hill fairway, it has high degree of difficulty.
Fairway 9, slightly dogleg left with fairway sloping down.
Fairway 9, view of the green from 130 yards.
Pond before Green 9
Green 9, fairly elevated with deep bunkers.
Green 9, slight sloping down to the left side.
Green 9, it has two-tier slopes
Green 9
We are resting at the starter before continuing to  Hole 10.
A garden podium at the club house, near hole 10.
A swimming pool, also near hole 10.
VGCC giant golf ball near hole 10.
VGCC giant golf ball, view from hole 10.

Hole 10, hitting around 30 yards deep downhill.

Fairway 10, this is my ball around 100 yards to the green.
Green 10, view from 60 yards.
Green 10, fairly flat, red flag is front pin.
Green 10, with slight down slope to the front

Hole 11, narrow fairway.
Fairway 11, slight dogleg right.
Fairway 11, approach from 115 yards to the green.
Green 11, fully guarded by bunkers.
Green 11, back pin location.

Hole 12, straight forward.
Hole 12, with canal crossing the fairway.
The canal at fairway 12
Green 12, sloping down to the left.

Mr. Rabin is pitching his second shot.
Green 12, center pin.

Hole 13, bending slightly to the left.

Mr. Rabin is hitting from left rough of fairway 13.
My second shot from around 200 yards to the green.
Mr. Prapto is hittin his second shot from 165 yards to the green.

Green 13, steeply elevated.

Green 13, front pin location
Green 13, fairly flat except sloping down towards front side.

Hole 14, another long par-4, with narrow fairway.
Fairway 14, around 200 yards to the green. Hitting slightly uphill.
Green 14, runs long and narrow from front to back.

Green 14, view from the right side.

Hole 15, shorter than the previous two holes, but not necessarily easier.
Fairway 14, second shot from 170 yards to the elevated green, well guarded by deep bunkers.
Green 14, highly elevated.

Green 14. I got lucky with 3 on and 1 putt. Par !!!

Green 14, view from behind the green.

Tee house behind the tee box 16.
Hole 16. Layup your tee off 200 yards before the canal for safety. For slicer, aim left. It is not advisable to carry the canal since you have to carry your tee shot more than 270 yards and straight, with the big pond on the right side.

Fairway 16.
Fairway 16
Fairway 16, second shot from around 180 yards to the green.
Mr. Prapto is hitting his second shot from 165 yards to the green from the left side of fairway 16.

Green 16, narrow with two big bunkers on its sides.
Mr. Rabin is celebrating his birdie. Yes !!!
High five all around him.

Hole 17, aim a little right to avoid trees on the left and the wind crossing from right to left.

Fairway 17, my second shot must reach 180 to carry the canal. Aim to the left of a center tree.
Fairway 17, a canal crossing the fairway with a lonely tree at the center.
Fairway 17. Rainy day, no rolls, hard to reach the greens in regulation.
Fairway 17, third shot from around 130 yards to the green.
Green 17, my approach shot is too short.
Green 17 with back pin.
Green 17 is slippery

Hole 18 is probably the signature hole with highly elevated green.
Green 18, zoomed view from tee box
Green 18, view from red tee box, to see the pond better.
Green 18, view from 80 yards to the green.
Green 18, view from 50 yards to the green.
Green 18, super wide, sloping down to front-right side.
Approach shot to the green 18 from the front-left side.
Approach shot from behind the green 18.
Green 18, view from behind.

Green 18, view from behind
Going back home, approaching Ortigas.